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Praetorian Capital strives to be a full-cycle investment firm by merging global micro trends with deep value to capture asymmetric, absolute returns at inflections.


We believe modern hedge fund “style boxes” restrict Alpha and can lead to underperformance.  We seek to shift with the tide and go where the Alpha goes to provide our investments a positive tailwind.


We believe concentration leads to absolute outperformance.  We seek to hold 6 to 12 of our “best ideas” and are agnostic about their monthly volatility.

alpha at inflections

We believe the highest IRR is attained near macro or idiosyncratic inflections.

Actively Managed and Unhedged

We believe hedges cost upside.  Instead, we tactically trade Event-Driven situations (long and short) and utilize option strategies for non-correlated, short-term returns to augment our core portfolio holdings.

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